Your story is the best legacy you can leave.

The time to tell it is now.

"A good story is like a compass; it invites us to rethink our direction, our way of moving through the world…They remind us who we are, what matters and what’s possible, what we might be and what we might do."

—Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

Your story matters.

In Your Own Words helps individuals and organizations preserve the memories, anecdotes, insights and experiences that have made a life or built a business. 

Through one-on-one interviews, I use your words to reflect who you are and create a written narrative that conveys the unique journey of your life, your work, your adventures.

The process is invaluable and the finished product can be everything from an unparalleled marketing tool to a gift for generations to come.

“I highly recommend Betty to help you write your story. She helped me with mine. She is authentic, cares about her subject and is eloquent. I can’t recommend her enough. I hope to tell my story in public some day.”

Suzanne M.

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James’ story

From an immigrant family in Brooklyn, this 83-year old client built an international business and traveled the world. In our sessions together, he told me his story and I wrote it, in his words, so that his children and grandchildren would know about the things he had done, the people he served, and the friends he made along the way…

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Celia’s story

Celia last saw her father when she was 7 . Fifty years later she learned what happened to him. We worked together to describe what she recalled about her early years, what it was like to search for him, and how she felt when she discovered who her father really was.

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Fran’s Story

Following a diagnosis of colon cancer when she was barely 40, Frannie endured multiple unrelated surgeries over the next couple of decades. She shared her story and I crafted a narrative that reflected her strength and resilience so she could share it with others.